From November to late spring you can have spectacular colour in your garden by choosing varieties of Camellia. From the Theacea family of plants Camellias were first cultivated in China and Japan before coming to Europe as the tea flower. In India the leaves are processed to make our favourite cuppa!

Single red and white plants first came to England in the early 1700's and the first commercial camellia nursery was established in Essex in 1739. The first double flowers were imported in 1792 and quickly adopted the names of the patrons whose gardeners grew them.

By the 1840's camellias were the height of fashion but popularity declined later in the century when hot house  orchids became fashionable. They revived after the first world war and their popularity as a woodland evergreen for all climates, has steadily increased over the years.

At Hazel Holly we stock around twenty varieties of camellia in pot sizes of  5litre upwards. These glossy leafed evergreens come from well respected growers in Somerset and have been individually selected by our plant buyer. Prices start at £12.99.
Order online or call into our shop and ask about camellias and other plants.

Also available now: Skimmia Rubella.
Another glossy leafed evergreen, Skimmias are slow growing shrubs. Rubella is the male of species and produces masses of dark red flower heads Good in pots or if you're not in any particular hurry, suitable for the flower bed, too.


Camellias at our suppliers nursery in Somerset.

Camellias at our shop in Downend.